Docker macvlan and ipvlan network plugins

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This is a continuation of my previous blog on macvlan and ipvlan Linux network drivers. Docker has added support for macvlan and ipvlan drivers and its currently in experimental mode as of Docker release 1.11.

Example used in this blog

In this example, we will use Docker macvlan and ipvlan network plugins for Container communication across hosts. To illustrate macvlan and ipvlan concepts and usage, I have created the following example.


Following are details of the setup:

  • First, we need to create two Docker hosts with experimental Docker installed. The experimental Docker has support for macvlan and ipvlan. To create experimental boot2docker image, please use the procedure here.
  • It is needed to enable promiscuous mode on the Virtualbox adapter. This allows for Container communication across hosts.
  • There are four Containers in each host. Two Containers are in vlan70 network and two other Containers are in vlan80 network.
  • We will…

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