Give Mesos and External Volumes a spin with playa-mesos

OLD - {code} by Dell EMC

Mesos is an important platform to consider if you’re interested in running containers in a highly available manner, operating an Enterprise-friendly container platform, or building application platforms to operate complex distributed applications. It should be thought of in a collaborative and complimentary way to the container eco-system. For some, it will sit at the scheduling layer only, and for others it will span across scheduling to the container runtime. Mesos represents a new way of thinking when it comes to how we operate and consume data center resources.

The Mesos platform is often adopted when a data center is moving towards the following key points:

  • A homogenous operating environment where all compute resources can run all workloads
    • Data center silos for workloads that aren’t virtualization friendly can now be scheduled alongside other workloads (ie. Hadoop and Cassandra)
    • IaaS and virtualization are no longer needed to pool resources
  • Providing simple but highly available applications
    • Basic capabilities include…

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