Backup & Restore Your Logstash/Grafana Dashboards

Web Development Insights

I created a Chef cookbook with which you can backup and restore your Logstash/Grafana dashboards. You can find it here.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Logstash and Grafana have changed my life. I can’t even remember how I was monitoring or investigating performance issues before having them. When I first installed those tools and started to feed them with data I was really excited by the possibilities they offered me. Building dashboards was so easy and fluid. Create a widget, select the data to display and viola – you have a neat looking graph! With time I added more and more dashboards both to Logstash and Grafana. I now have dozens in each. They show me everything I need to know and when I find they have a missing piece – I add it right away.

A sample Grafana dashboard A sample Grafana dashboard

Everything went well, life…

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