Run your stateful apps with Mesos and Docker

OLD - {code} by Dell EMC

Hot off the heels of ContainerCon/MesosCon we looked into how we could help support data persistence for the popular distributed systems manager. We trawled through a lot of documentation, and found that Marathon has a great Docker containerizer and also supports arbitrary options. Yay! Have we lost you yet?

Here’s how it works:

Mesos is a tool to abstract datacenter resources such as CPU, memory, storage and more. Marathon is used on top of Mesos to schedule applications on top of those resources, and those applications can be in Docker containers. As you might remember from previous posts, the EMC {code} team have worked on a Docker volume plugin called REX-Ray (new name suggestions welcome) to make sure that we can actually store data from our containerized applications. So, with all these pieces together, we should be able to create a volume using REX-ray, tie it to a container, have…

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