There’s Real Magic behind OpenStack Neutron

Tricky Deadline

Really easy to create a new post on any blog – the most complex part is to think about the content – you can do it through a couple of clicks on your laptop, or from your phone/tablet, or just reblog other interesting posts from some mates. The same thing happens with OpenStack, you can create Servers instances, routers, subnets, firewalls, VPNs, Load Balancers through just a couple of clicks – well, first of all,  you need to plan and figure it why you need to create them, it’s not just create things because you can, depending on the application this virtual infrastructure will support, you need to define what your virtual IT architecture will be –

In my previous note about Neutron I’ve mentioned how Neutron brings Layer 3 capabilities and how easy is to create and manage it. Now I will describe the magic behind, I’m sure you will…

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