NFS backend for Openstack Glance/Cinder/Instance-store

Kimi Zhang

In this post, let’s go through how to configure NFS as unified storage backend for Openstack Glance, Cinder and shared instance-store, also we look at how it works under the hood.

Setup: 1 controller and 2 compute nodes. Controller acts as a NFS server as well.
OS+Openstack: RHEL7 + Juno

Controller: HPDL36
Compute: HPDL37
Compute: HPDL38

Setup NFS server on controller server

Create 3 folders as shared source for instance-store, glance and cinder, grant enough access right:

mkdir /nfsshare; chmod 777 /nfsshare
mkdir /nfsshare_glance; chmod 777 /nfsshare_glance
mkdir /nfsshare_cinder; chmod 777 /nfsshare_cinder

Create /etc/exports

/nfsshare   *(rw,no_root_squash)
/nfsshare_cinder *(rw,no_root_squash)
/nfsshare_glance *(rw,no_root_squash)

 Start NFS server

systemctl start rpcbind
systemctl start nfs
systemctl start nfslock

Setup NFS clients


Mount NFS share on controller node for glance:

mount HPDL36:/nfsshare_glance /var/lib/glance/images

Nova instance-store

Mount NFS share on 2 compute nodes for shared instance-store

mount HPDL36:/nfsshare /var/lib/nova/instances


Cinder-volume service will handle…

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