Understanding Hadoop Kerberos Authentication

A Little Bit Every Day

Hadoop supports to authenticate its clients and users using Kerberos for security. Understanding the whole mechanism I’m sure isn’t easy otherwise I won’t compose this blog blah blah. That’s not only because Kerberos itself is very complex, but also it involves other complicated things such as SASL, GSSAPI, JAAS and etc. To start with here is a rough picture overall where I tried to put all things together simply. After that, I’d like to try to explain and when you come back to this picture again, I hope it can be more meaningful and clear.

Per Kerberos authentication mechanism, both server side and client side need to authenticate into the system. Server side in Hadoop, I mean Hadoop services, like namenode/datanode, jobtracker/tasktracker etc; for client side, I mean hdfs client, job client etc used by Hadoop users. Of course they are not limited to such user tools since there can…

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