There are different RPC engines available for Hadoop. They are WritableRpcEngine, ProtobufRpcEngine, and AvroRpcEngine. Every RPC engine implements the RpcEngine interface. As you see in the interface, any new RpcEngine has to provide implementations of getProxy, getServer, getProtocolMetaInfoProxy, and call methods.

The main difference among different RpcEngines is the data exchange wire format they uses. For example,
WritableRpcEngine uses Writable as the data exchange wire format whereas ProtobufRpcEngine uses Protobuf as the wire format.

If you examine the codes of these RpcEngines, you will notice that all of them have a static Server class which extends RPC.Server to inherit basic remote server networking services from the base abstract class. In my previous post, we look at the underlying networking mechanism in the RPC.Server. (eg. start Listener for incoming request and start multiple Readers to read incoming RPC data and queue RPC calls to be processed by multiple Handlers)

The static…

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