GemFire In-Memory Map-Reduce with Java 8

Jonas Dias

When I started studying Gemfire, I decided I needed some hands-on experience with it. I enjoy learning by experience, thus I decided to share my own experience with you. Gemfire is an in-memory distributed database and it supports both relational-based store (Gemfire XD) and object store (key-value hash maps, Gemfire). On my first hands-on I started with the object store approach. Gemfire works great for data streams and it has a good distributed cache mechanism, which is very easy to use. I used vmware vFabric documentation and also this quickstart.

I started creating my IDE project. Using Maven, I only needed to add the repository on my pom file:

Then, Maven takes care of downloading necessary Jar libraries and etc. Creating a Gemfire cache is quite simple. First you create a cache:

Then, you will be able to access the cache and its “regions” just as a typical java HashMap. To store a…

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