GemFire functions with Java 8, Nashorn and Groovy

William Markito

GemFire functions offers a powerful and flexible way to send distributed work to multiple servers, where this work can be data-dependent as smart units of work that act in parallel on a given region or parallel on all available members of the system. This work can even be filtered to only work on a set of keys or only a sub-set of specified members, which can be really convenient according to the use case being implemented. For example:

✓ If you have some kind of external resource provisioning or initialization of a third-party services (as a Linux service for example) you may implement that wrapped into a GemFire function and distribute command on a sub-set of members.
✓ If you have a partitioned data set that you require to perform an aggregation or any kind of data processing, you can implement a data-dependent GemFire function.

These functions can leverage high…

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