Books that make you a better programmer

Cafe Affe

Computer Science is a fascinating area. And there are many enlightening books that make it more fun to study and explore stuff. The net is filled with such lists, that tell you what all books should there be in your book shelf if you are a programmer or trying to learn to program. This is a similar list from my shelf. Either I have read (some chapters) or reading at present. Will keep updating as I come across new enlightening books.

1. Introduction to Algorithms, CLRS : Found in almost all must-read-computer-science-books lists. A misnamed book. It’s beyond introduction, and almost a bible of fundamental algorithms. Does contain the necessary maths and theorems. In certain chapters it might feel a bit too theoretical, but makes a great reference book. Common data structures and algorithms like sorting, searching, trees, graphs etc., are perfectly explained with diagrams. Surely a must have…

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